Spustit hru is awesome IO game that you can play in your browser. This Battle Royale .io game similar to origninal Fortnite brings you a lot of fun and its free to play ! With 100 players in the game map, you have to grab best guns or items and survive until the last! Your main goal in this game is to become the last man standing and beat other 99 players in arena. At the start of the game, you will be dropped down from the plane. Find a nearest box, open it and grab all useful equipments like armor, guns and spells. To become the best you have to choose right strategy! Find safe place to hide or be agressive and eliminate as much enemies as possible. If you want to enjoy much fun don’t hesitate and join to play for free today! If you like playing Battle Royale io games you can play more similar games here. Screen Shots:

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    […] also known as (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is awesome Battle Royale game which you will play in arena against 99 other players. You can test your skills and show everyone that you are the best one ! See if you can be the last man standing in! This game is is also known as and its the most popular 2D Battle Royale browser game right now ! Main goal of this game called is to be the last man standing in the whole battle royale match. This means you have to beat other 99 players and stay alive. Very important factor is to choose right strategy, that means in the beginning of the game you should pick up best items as possible like strong weapons, health packs or some scopes that are the main keys for your success. We wish you much fun and happy playing! If you like playing Battle Royale io games you can play more similar games like […]

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Move: W,A,S,D Change gun: 1-6 Shoot: Left Mouse Button Interaction: E

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